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Presents: Rhapsody In Retrograde by Indi Riverflow

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Rhapsody In Retrograde | Strange Loops

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Also Available: Gyroscape: a year of the lyrical life

Gyroscape | MobiusBand

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A poetic quest to match the singer with a song, along a strange track from mythic impromptu jam sessions to paranormal pack-rats on a Gyroscape made of music, mystery, and mutant zen meditation, in a psychedelicious environment of alphabet soup.


Copaganda: Why the Constitution Doesn’t Apply to You

A light-hearted look at police brutality, judicial malfeasance and media complicity 


Amana Mission Publishing Ink presents
Desert Trance by the John Kadlecik Band

Lyrics by Indi Riverflow
Read Desert Trance and more of Indi Riverflow’s original lyrics at

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