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Spot of Mandelbrot

Gyroscape: Spherical Spins in Lyrical Verse

Gyroscape | MobiusBand

Gyroscape: Spherical Spins In Lyrical Verse represents a poetic quest to match the singer with a song, along a strange track from mythic impromptu jam sessions to paranormal pack-rats on a Gyroscape made of music, mystery, and mutant zen meditation, in a psychedelicious environment of alphabet soup.

Rhapsody in Retrograde: Lyrical Loops In Verse

Rhapsody In Retrograde Front Cover: Pine Cone Ridge | Rhapsody In Retrograde back cover: Strange Loops

Rhapsody in Retrograde: Lyrical Loops In Verse contains multi-dimensional, Mercurial lyrical odes on irony, paradox, and mystery by psychedelic stylist Indi Riverflow.

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Amana Mission Publishing Ink presents
Desert Trance by the John Kadlecik Band

Lyrics by Indi Riverflow
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