Blues4Kali by Indi Riverflow
Blessings! The author and publisher would like to thank you for your interest in this enlightening parable of the postmillennial counterculture, and express our compassion and sympathy for your fundlessness or aversion to online commerce. We share your concerns.

The remainder of Blues4Kali contains material which is channeled directly from the Goddess Herself and therefore must be prepared for through fasting, meditation, psychotropic rematriculation, and an offering to the High Priestess, Amana Mission, Mistress of Shameless Art.

As a not-necessarily for-profit independent publishing venture, AmanaMission Publishing Ink is committed to leaving no reader behind due solely to poverty or anti-institutional economics. This novel is a spiritually inspired text, and the goal is that it be read. Selling is secondary. This eBook is primarily a promotional product that is intended to lead to print publication. The priority is on generating wider distribution of this writing and the associated values and ideas.
Therefore, successful applicants will be asked to assist in the dissemination of this unique work, in lieu of financial compensation.

For those lacking the means to contribute materially, we have devised this program in order to allow our readers to contribute of themselves in a transcendent fashion. This policy is to ensure that all freely given copies are placed with good homes.

To  demonstrate your fitness and commitment necessary to adopt our child, we ask that your application include a significant image or pattern constituting some form of original artistic or literary endeavor, a symbolic representation of your own self and valued ideas.

Artists Unite!

    Be creative. You may qualify for more than a free eBook. Never can tell.
You will receive your copy when your application is approved. Please allow lag time for interdimensional file transfers. Have fun. Namaste.

1. Compose a review, no shorter than one page, of Chapter 1: Mahayana. If you have not yet completed reading it, please do so now.
2. Copy/Paste the fields listed below into an email, and
3. Send your answers and art submission to

    Scholars-hip Postulant Rap Sheet

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Shortly after the email containing this link, another message will follow describing Blues4Kali. This email message will be for you to forward to friends and groups that you believe would like to share this experience.

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