Amana Mission Publishing Ink Alternative Press

Presents No Mind Left Unblown

The studio debut from
Air Lift Underground
No Mind Left Unblown



Air Lift Underground Presents:
The Original Joke

The Original Joke: a musical play for the stage




Also presenting: the LyricVerse of Indi Riverflow


Triple Entendre | Triple Entendre Rear


Triple Entendre

This is the third volume of lyric verse to be forged from Indi Riverflow’s Magma mines.

Analogy is the screwdriver of the writer’s toolbox, and in many ways lyric verse is a craft akin to carpentry. All the beams must be measured; all the angles considered; every element must be essential. The lines chosen from the swirl of the stream will be chosen again, or fail to be, based entirely on whether they fit the overall feng shui of the musical room.


“We’ve heard rumors of humor
We’ve heard hints of absurd
And after the laughter
Grasp about every third word”





Gyroscape: Spherical Spins in Lyrical Verse


Gyroscape | MobiusBand

Gyroscape: Spherical Spins In Lyrical Verse represents a poetic quest to match the singer with a song, along a strange track from mythic impromptu jam sessions to paranormal pack-rats on a Gyroscape made of music, mystery, and mutant zen meditation, in a psychedelicious environment of alphabet soup.




Rhapsody in Retrograde: Lyrical Loops In Verse


Rhapsody In Retrograde Front Cover: Pine Cone Ridge | Rhapsody In Retrograde back cover: Strange Loops

Rhapsody in Retrograde: Lyrical Loops In Verse contains multi-dimensional, Mercurial lyrical odes on irony, paradox, and mystery by psychedelic stylist Indi Riverflow.





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Spot of Mandelbrot
Also Available through Amana Mission Publishing Ink:
Copaganda: Why the Constitution Doesn’t Apply to You

A light-hearted look at police brutality, judicial malfeasance and media complicity



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